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Türkiye pazarına yeni tanışmamız nedeniyle henüz yayınlayabileceğimiz deneyim bulunmamaktadır. Bizimle paylaşmak istediğiniz deneyimlerinizi, test sonuçlarınızı. Bebeğinizin resimlerini yollamak isterseniz burayı tıklayınız. Bebeğinizin resimlerini Resim Galerimizde yayınlamamızı isterseniz ayrıca belirtiniz.

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My name is Britney, my husband and I are pregnant with our first (I am currently 29 weeks). At about 13 weeks, I was just dying to know what we were having. My husband and I had heard of an at home gender test so we went out looking for one. We took the test the next morning and it said we were having a boy. We were very excited! Of course the instructions say that this test is only 82% accurate, which we were satisfied with, but it still left that small margin for error. We went in for our 18-20 week ultrasound, and we ARE having a boy! We were so happy with the results of this test that we have suggested it to our friends that are pregnant. 

I read the whole information sheet that came with the test, and read that it was 90% accurate before it was released for public attainability. So when it said that first morning urine was what I needed to use, I woke up at 4:30am in need to use the restroom, and I wasn't sure if I should wait until later in the morning to take the test. I was afraid of changing my accuracy, so at 4:50am, I woke up my husband to let him know what our results were. It is still something we laugh about when we tell others about this product!

I would like to thank you for making a product available to those of us who just don't have the patience to wait until we are between 18 and 20 weeks to find out what we are having!

Britney Smith

I took your test 10 weeks after I became pregnant, it said I was having a boy. I went for my 19 week ultra-sound and they told me, it was a girl. I was very excited, because I really was hopeing for a little girl. Well, I just went back for another ultra-sound at 22 weeks and the gender perdictor was RIGHT and the 1st ultra-sound was wrong my baby is in fact a BOY
Angel McDougald

IntelliGender was right for us! My neighbor and I both took the tests at the same time. I was 13-1/2 weeks along, and she was 10 weeks along. Both said we were having girls. I even e-mailed in my results to have you confirm them and got a response the same day that sure enough, it was a great girl result. We were very excited about the girl results, since we were also both pregnant together with boys our last pregnancies. Well, we've both had confirmation ultrasounds now (mine at 16 & 21 weeks, hers at 16 weeks) all confirming that the girl results for both of us were correct! We're so excited, and can't wait to meet our little angels face to face in Jan and Feb of 2010!
Amy Casey

hiya i bought 7 of your intelligender test ,yes 7!!! and spoke to someone via email on here earlier to ask some questions and they said when they replied to me that i should let you guys know the outcome well ALL 7 intelligender test came back orange and had my scan today and was told that im having a girl so they were all right thanks intelligender you had got it right for me. thanks

I am a believer! After taking the test with my last boy pregnancy and recieving a boy result, I decided to try again for fun this time as well. I was still skeptical, but after recieving a girl result and having it confirmed via ultrasound, I am convinced of the validity of this product. Thank you so much for giving me a sneek peek. One word of caution, for you ladies that are getting "mixed results," ensure you are reading from EYE LEVEL. Otherwise, the wrong angle could make the color seem green since the chemicals that mix with the urine are green.
Kendra Elmer

I used IntelliGender at 10 weeks and it said a girl which surprised me because I have had two boys so I figured yeah I will just have another boy. Turns out she is a little girl due to be born on 9/3/09.
Christi King

I am a proud 39 year old mother of two boys, 7 and 5. My husband and I wanted to try one last time to see if a baby girl was in our future. We became pregnant in April of 2009 and at twelve weeks along, a friend told us about this new home Gender test. We immediately went out to buy this test and the next morning the test showed positive for a baby girl! My husband and I looked up the website provided to compare the color we were seeing, and sure enough, it read pos. for girl. I tried not to get too excited because this was something new and I havent even talked to my doctor about it. At my twenty week ultrasound, our hopes were confirmed. We are expecting our Baby GIRL the first week of January. Thanks Intelligender for the early detection! I recommend this to all expecting moms.

I was very skeptical on spending that kind of money on this test but I thought what the heck, I wanted to see what it would say. I went to two different locations to purchase one and they were ALL SOLD OUT. Okay now this made me want one even worse. I then ordered one online. Few day later got it in the mail and waited to the next morning to take the test and boy was I excited to do this. My results showed that I was having a boy. I have two girls already and my fiance and I wanted to have a boy. SO I WAS EXCITED!!! I held off from buying anything UNTIL my ultrasound and GUESS WHAT the ultrasound showed that I WAS HAVING A BOY INDEED! So I recommend this to anyone that is pregnant, it is great and also fun. Thanks again for your product!

I have to say that for me intelligender was right for me 4 times. Its said BOY all 4 times I justed wonted to make sure lol. And when I went for my ultasound at my 20 apt. sure enough it was a BOY he was loud and proud to show it off. Thanks Intelligender.
Carrie Sroufek

I just wanted to let you know that I used your test at 14 weeks and I am pregnant with twins. I wasn't sure how reliable the test would be. You stated that if the test turned smokey green in the first five minutes, the chance that both were boys was good. Well the test turned smokey green immediately. I was pretty confident there was one boy and hoping for two. Today we had our ultrasound at 16 weeks and IntelliGender got it right....we are having two boys! This was so much fun and as it turns out....accurate, even for twins!! Thanks!

Well, I wanted to tell you that the Intelligender WAS CORRECT!!!!! (twice!)
I took the test because I loved the fact that I could get it at our local grocery store (HEB) and it was affordable. I was hoping it was accurate and I took two different ones (One at 8 weeks and one at 11 weeks) The first one I thought looked yellow but I knew I was taking it early. So, I took another one at 11 weeks and emailed the results to you guys to give me the result. I received an email back that said "That is a great girl result". 
We have four precious and energetic little boys. I would LOVE a little girl to add to the bunch! Looks like we will be! We had our sonogram last week and we saw our first pictures of our baby girl. 
Thank you for making such an easy and accurate test! I give it a thumbs up!

We couldn't wait to find out if we were having a boy or girl. We wanted to get the nursery decorated and buy cute outfits. We got the Intelligender test at 16 weeks because our doctor does ultrasounds at 24 weeks. Our test told us that it was a boy!!! A few weeks later at the doctor the results were confirmed and we are expecting a little boy in November! Thank you Intelligender we can't wait to meet Milo!
Ashleigh & Jason

Both of my daughter in laws are expecting within a couple months of each other and have both taken the intelligender tests. One said girl and one said boy. Both have had their ultra sound and only one was conclusive for gender. The boy result is most definitely correct but on the girl the legs were positioned such that they wouldn't say for sure if it was a girl or not. I am saying she was just being lady like and didn't want the world looking at her business :~) I will let you know after Aug 17th when she heads back in to the doctors office....
Well daughter in law number two had her ultra sound and your test was accurate again. It is a girl. Great product!!! 
Thanks and have an awesome day,
Lisa Welch

The test said I was going to have another little girl, but my ultrasound shows I will be having a little boy.
Janelin Barron

I have 2 girls and this will be our last baby. I purchased intelligender and took it around 12 weeks pregnant. It was clearly a boy result. I was pretty skeptical. Ultrasound confirms today at 18 weeks it is a BOY!!! We are so excited and cant wait for our little man to arrive. Just thought I would share that it was right for me!! Thanks again intelligender.
Rachael Nygard-Cotroneo

Took the intelligender at 12 weeks and it reported we are having a boy...we had the sonogram at 22 weeks and in fact we are having a boy!
Susan Wos

Hi I just wanted to let you know that we took your test for fun at 11 weeks and it said we were having a baby girl. We hoped it was right since our 4 year old daughter really wants a baby sister. Well, we just got the results back from our cvs, and it turns out Intelligender was right!! We are having a baby girl, and someone is VERY excited getting her little sister. Thanks so much!!!
Barbara Garnar

This is my 3rd pregnancy. I was given a previous ultrasound at 18 weeks and of course, they could not determine gender. A few months ago I saw IntelliGender in my local grocery store. I had never heard of a test like this and I was intrigued. Intrigued, not gullable. I called the customer svc number on the side of the box because the information (on the box) is quite vague and I wanted to know what kind of test this was. The CS lady was very kind and informative. She told me to follow the directions EXACTLY and that it would really work. I purchased the product and followed the directions to the letter. My result: Boy. I was at about 25 weeks. I am now at 36 weeks. I was just given anbother ultrasound a couple days ago. For the first time they could determine gender. It's a boy (very obvious.) I just want to thank your CS staff for being so kind and knowledgable and thank your company for having such a wonderful, quality product. Your company should do more in the marketing department because this is really worth its price, and pregnant women everywhere would love to know about this. Thank you again. 
Stephanie Mata

I would love to say that the test was right for me as well, but it wasn't right for us. I followed all the instructions exactly as written. We have 3 boys, and the test said that we were having a girl. We just got back from the 20 week U/S and sure enough, we are having another wonderful boy! We took the test for fun... I definitely don't recommend painting a nursery based on the results!
Tina Wiles

Your test was right! I am having a girl. I took the test at 12 weeks and I am now 16 weeks. My ultrasound confirmed it is a girl. I have been telling everyone about this test I took and how it was right. It is so fun to be able to find out earlier.
I do want to mention though, I took the test at 10 weeks and it said boy. However, I had "unprotected intercourse" so I waited the 48 hours as indicated on the instructions. My hubby has "super sperm" so the 48 hours was not long enough to get a correct result. That is why I took it again at 12 weeks (and did not have intercourse) and it came out girl. 
Thanks for such a great, affordable product.

We were skeptical at first. We bought this at 14 weeks and the results said Boy (Green as could be), but we did not put a lot of thought into it until we had our ultrasound at 18 weeks. The test proved Correct! We are definitely having a Boy!!! I recommend this to anyone who is curios and can’t wait that extra 4-6 weeks for a gender ultrasound! This would be a GREAT gift to any expecting family!!!!
Brandilyn Turner

I tested with your product in early March 2009. The test came back with results that we were having a girl. I just had a 3d ultrasound and its confirmed that we are having a girl!! We are so excited after 3 boys we got our princess on her way! Your product is great and truly works! Thank you Intelligender!
Celeste Steed

I have four children. my oldest a girl and three boys after. hoping for a girl i took the test as a fun way to think about what we might be having. i dont want to know by ultrasound. so my result a girl. my kids all want a sister. so thanks for a fun way of thinking about what we might be having without the 100% accuracy of ultrasound. this way its still kinda a surprize.
Jessica Pajestka

I wanted to let you guys know, I'm 16wks and I took your test last wed. morning 3/4/09, the test clearly said I'm having a boy. I already have three boys so I was wondering if this time around it might be a girl. So I decided to go get an ultrasound done on sat. 3/7/09, sure enough I am having a boy! Thank you and I am so excited about my little guy!! 
Tammy Cook

I wanted to let you know that our results from the Intelligender Prediction Test were correct! It was a fun test to take. We have two girls and were hoping for a boy and we took the test at 15 weeks. It immediately turned smoky green and bubbled up a bit as well. We followed the directions perfectly and I have to admit we were skeptical about the results but our ultrasound today confirmed that we are indeed having a boy! Having this test made waiting for our ultrasound go by much faster! Thanks!
Nicole Sanford

Just wanted to let you know my results of your test.... I used the Intelligender test at 14 weeks and it said I was having a girl. I just went in for my 20 week ultrasound and it clearly shows a baby boy. But, the test was fun and easy to take and I would probably use it again. 
Thanks, Holly

Ok my Mom bought me this test when I was 10 Weeks. We were so dying to find out what I was having. My test said boy and today I had my 22 week ultrasound! Sure enough its a Boy! Thank you so much!
Jami Traylor

Hello just thought you should know the test was right. My hunni and I are having a boy! Nobody around here had heard about intelligender. I'm happy I got it. What a fun experiment to do while pregnant. 
Briene Smith

The test showed I was having a boy and it was wrong, the ultrasound person confirmed I was having a girl. Well, I had the baby last Friday and it was indeed a girl. I did this for fun, but wanted to give my testimonial online to show people that it is not 100% correct.
Patty Tribur

I was a little skeptical of the test at first. I did some research and decided to give it a try. My family thought I was crazy to be beieve of such product. Well Intelligender proved them wrong. My ultrasound was scheduled for the very next day and guess what...IT'S A BOY! Just as the test predicted. Great product!
Chante Johnson

My husband and I underwent IVF in mid-October 2008. We knew we were having twins and were dying to know the genders! As a Christmas gift to myself, I bought the Intelligender test and did it on Christmas morning. The result was as clear as could be -- GIRLS!!! As confirmation, we went to a 3D ultrasound studio this past weekend (1/31/09; I was almost 18 weeks). TWO GIRLS!!! But we already knew that! Thanks so much!
Jill Agro

I just wanted to let you know that I took this test back at my 11 weeks and showed I was having a boy, I went for my ultrasound last week and confirmed I was indeed having a boy. I loved taking this test, had fun and glad to see it was right!!!!
Valerie Gerum

I just wanted to let you know that you were correct!!!!! I had my 16 week ultrasound on Saturday and they confirmed it was a girl! :) 

Thank you very much!!! 

Andrea Barnett

I took my Intelligender test at appx. 10 weeks and it gave us a girl reading, I was a little dissapointed, since we already have one little girl. We just had our 20-week ultrasound Monday and it was confirmed that it was actually a baby boy! So the test was wrong, but it was a nice change to my thinking. :) Now I get to pick out green & blue rather than see pink all over again!

Traci Bryant

I took the test at 10 weeks, and it predicted a boy. I'd desperately been wanting a girl, since I have 2 sons, and this is my last baby. I read all the testimonials, and I saw that a few people got false positives for boys when they were having girls. So, I wondered... I found out for sure from a CVS test that, yes, we are definitely having another boy! I expected as much, after having taken the Intelligender test. You have a fantastic product here! I will recommend it to everyone!
Beth Young

Just wanted to let you know that at my ultrasound on Friday they confirmed that we are having a little GIRL!!!! IntelliGender was right!!  We wanted a girl SO bad that we almost couldn’t believe that is what we got.
Mandy King

I took the test at 11 weeks along and I was absolutely dying to know what I was having. It was a clear result showing a girl. On 12-12-08 it was confirmed, we're having a girl! Thank you so much!
Catherine Anderson

Hi, Just wanted to say IntelliGender worked for us! My hubby and I have two gorgeous boys and now it looks like we will have a girl to complete our family:) The first test I took predicted correctly and the second and third I took, I shook instead of swirled and caused them to give boy results (as a note always swirl,lol). But the first test correctly predicted a girl:) I have 3D pics that confirm:) Thanks IntelliGender!!!! I will def. be recommending your product, and you have the best customer service as well! 
Kimberly Crawford

Just a quick message to let you know that your product worked for us! We are ordering one for a friend now and we have told everyone about your product including the doctor and the ultra sound techs. We also have told them you really need to follow the directions closely.
Deborah Williams

My partner and I purchased your product when I was nearly three months pregnant. I followed directions to a Tee and got a boy result. I was skeptical at first because the green was lying at the very bottom of the container, and my boyfriend was also a little concerned that the outcome was maybe not accurate. We had my ultrasound about a month ago, and our baby is very clearly a little boy. I was so happy that the ultrasound technician said "well, i guess you wanted a boy then." I thin proceeded to tell her that we had counted on it being a boy, even if we had underlying doubts, and then told her and my nurse about Intelligender. Neither had ever heard of this test. I was quite surprised that they hadn't considering that they work at an Ob clinic. They know now though! Thanks for creating such a great product!
Brandi Dees

Hi. I just wanted to say how fabulous your product is. I am pregnant with my third baby and took your test last week. I have 2 little boys and was sure I was going to have a third boy. Your test showed a definite orange result, meaning a girl. I was skeptical. However, at our ultrasound appointment this morning it was confirmed that it is indeed a girl! I am thrilled and your test knew it all along! Thanks so much for the fun and the accurate result! 
Rachel Schrampf

Just to let you know your test was right for me it gave a girl result and we are chuffed to bits as we gave birth to a little girl on the 21 october 08 and she is perfect.
Jennifer Fields

I took this test at 11 weeks pregnant and it said boy, no doubt about it. I just had a sonogram last week and it's definitely a boy! YAY! We have 3 girls and finally a litte boy!
Amanda Dunn

Hello, I wanted to let you know that I took your test at 10 weeks and it said we were having a boy. We have a little girl and were so excited to think we could e giving her a little brother. I had my ultrasound yesterday at 16 weeks and it is in fact a BOY! I wanted to let you know that your test proved correct for me. 
Thank you, Danielle

I just wanted everyone out there to know how this is the best product. I have 5 girls yes 5 and I am pregnant again. I bought this product thinking like you all well this cant work well the test came back a BOY right away but I still had didnt think it was right with my track record for having girls. Well I had my ultrasound Oct 27-2008 and the test was so right!! it;s a BOY I want to thank you for this wonderful product
Marti - Ontario, Canada

Dear Intelligender, After previously emailing photographs of my test results and asking for your interpretation (you wrote back very promptly and said I had a 'GIRL' result), I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that the Intelligender test was right! Ultrasound has confirmed that we are indeed expecting our first girl after having two boys! I think there will continue to be a little bit of doubt in my mind until she makes her appearance regardless of the confirmation ultrasound (I just can't believe I'm having a girl!!!), but wanted to thank you for your prompt customer service and let you know that you can (most likely :) add another correct result to your statistics! 
Thank you so much! Sincerely, 
Jessica Wilde Mommy to 2 boys and 1 baby girl on the way!

Hello, just wanted to also be apart of the Testimonials. We took the Intelligender Test at 11 weeks and the results were that we were having a BOY. We just had our ultrasound at 18 weeks and it confirmed the results, it's a boy! I will be sure to tell everyone I know having babies to order this test. It was fun taking the test and wondering if it was indeed accurate. 
Thanks again! Tiffany

I purchased two intelligender tests just for fun and kept on reading conflicting stories about the outcome of the tests which made me a little skeptical. Not anymore!! I took the first test @ 13 weeks which clearly read boy. I took the second test @ 17 weeks and again it said boy. Today the ultrasound tech confirmed indeed we are having a boy!! I'll defintely recommend your product to my friends. All the best to you!!
Marnie V.

Just took the Intelli-gender to "double check" our gender ultrasound and have some fun. The test is correct...both intelligender and our ultrasound say I'm having a BOY!
Natalia Martin

Just wanted to let you know that I took the Intelligender test at week 12 (strictly following the directions) and got an unequivocal "Boy" result, which was confirmed earlier this week by ultrasound! Thanks!
Erica Pulling

I'm 26 weeks at my 20 week ultrasound the tech said it was a girl but I was told last time the same she ended up being a boy 2.5 years ago. So I bought a test sure enough it said girl hope its right.
Thanks Wendy

I'm currently expecting twins. I took your test almost a month ago and now I'm writing to confirm that your test was indeed right. I have am having a son. Your test indicates in the case of twins a boy result is only accurate for 1 baby. I was glad to know that because we are also having a daughter. Thanks so much. I will tell every mom I know to give it a shot!!! 
Colleen Casper

I took the test when I was about 12 weeks pregnant. I have 2 girls and my husband and I were curious if the 3rd would be a boy or girl. The test said boy and after my 20 week ultrasound it was confirmed that we are having a baby boy :) Thanks, Kim
Kim Z.

I took the intelligender test at 10 weeks and just wanted to let you know, after having 11 ultrasounds during this pregnancy so far, your test was 100% accurate! It's a GIRL!!! I have been recommending your test to everyone I know that is pregnant. Not only did I get the result I wanted, I also got a head start picking out pink outfits for the baby. Thank you!
Lori Franklin

How fun! I bought a test and took it when I was 12 week pregnant. It said boy right away. Needless to say, we found out yesterday (18 weeks) that we are definitely having a boy. In fact, my cousin's wife is pregnant (9 weeks). He is dying to find out if it's a boy or girl. I just send him your link. Hopefully, Intelligender will be as accurate for them! Thanks!
Christa Davenport

Took the test at 11 weeks said boy.....Ultrasound at 19 weeks - also says boy!!
Jaime Folds

I just wanted to be another person to tell you how great this test is. I ordered it when I was 10 weeks pregnant and it said we were having a boy. We were very excited since we have a 4 year old girl we were hoping for a boy. We had our ultrasound yesterday and they also said boy!! We are so excited!! I will be telling everyone about this!! Thanks!
Melissa McGee

I purchased two Intelligender tests when I was about eleven weeks pregnant. I didn't read the instructions thoroughly at first and read the first test from a standing positon, which briefly led me to believe I was having a boy. I re-read the instructions and bent down to look at the test and saw that the fluid was obviously yellowish (a girl). I got the exact same results the next day. I am happy to report that my ultrasound this morning confirmed the Intelligender tests! What a wonderful product--I will be recommending the tests to my pregnant friends!
Nicole Brannick

I took the test right at 10 weeks and it came out boy. I just had amnio done and indeed we are having a little boy! Even my husband thought that your test was the best thing ever! Thank you!
Jennifer Yancey

I bought and took one of your tests when i was 10 weeks pregnant. I already have a little boy, and even though this pregnancy has been completely different to my first, i was convinced i was having another little boy, and was too impatient to wait for my 20 Week scan! The test confirmed my feeling that it was a boy almost instantly, turning a very dark green! I am now 23weeks pregnant and i have had the gender of my baby confirmed by a Doctor and it is indeed another boy! Thankyou for such a fun product, i have recommended it to several of my friends who are in the early weeks of pregnancy, and i shall definately try this again if i have anymore children!
Laura Chandler

I just wanted to write and let you all know that your product was spot on! I took it at about 12 weeks and it said boy (followed the directions perfectly by the way!) I felt this little one was a boy also. We just found out today that we're expecting a baby boy via ultrasound! Thank you! This was fun and accurate! I will use it with confidence for future children! 
Mary Mourer

I purchased one of your tests at 11 weeks and it said boy. I did another test at 12 weeks and it also said boy. Just to be sure, I did a 3rd test and it still said boy!!! There was absolutely no doubt as the test turned a dark green immediately! I just had my 20 week ultrasound and it is undoubtedly a BOY!!! Thanks so much!!! I really enjoyed being able to find out weeks before an ultrasound would be able to tell me!!! Thanks, 
Tammy Backiel

I am happy to report that the intelligender was WRONG! It indicated that we were to have a boy and we very clearly have a girl. It was still fun to try. Thanks Intelligender!
Brooke Winn

I tried it... and it worked! I took two tests at 7 and 10wks, both times it said Boy. Now I just got my ultrasound at 16wks, and they confirmed BOY!! Your test was so easy to use, it was so much fun, and I definately recommend this product to all the expectant parents, its a great buy for the bucks!
Lucy Alferez

Just to let you know that yesterday, at 16 weeks, my doctor confirmed what ALL 6 of your intelligender tests have said all along... It's a BOY! I have 2 girls and one boy and we are just delighted to complete our family with a second son. I did tests at weeks 7, 8. 9. 10. 11 and 12. All said BOY! Thank you for your wonderful product and for the peace of mind it gave me during that LONG wait before the ultrasound! Just making it to the next Intelligender test week to week, helped me get through that LOOONG and not so fun first trimester.

Thanks again,

I just wanted to write and tell you about my experience with your product. I have a two year old little boy and was really hoping for a girl this time because I do not plan on having anymore children. I was also very curious from the get go and could hardly stand the wait until my ultrasound at 21 weeks. I took four, yes four, tests. (I was VERY curious!) I took the first at 10 weeks, the second at 13 weeks, the third at 16 weeks and the fourth two days before my ultrasound at 21 weeks. They all IMMEDIATELY said girl. Well, as of yesterday, my ultrasound confirmed that I am having a little GIRL!! Your product was so fun and easy to use. I didn’t put a lot of faith in it at first but now I am telling everyone about it! Thank you for such a fun way to find out the gender of your baby so soon. If I ever have any more children, I will be using your product again.
Thank you!
Sarah R.

I just had to write to you to let you know that I purchased your product, took the test and it immediately came up with "boy" result. We just had our ultrasound and found out that we are indeed having a boy. Your product was spot on. Thank you! What an amazing product you have.
Tammy Haris

I just wanted to say thanks. We were totally convinced I was having another girl until I look this test and couldn't believe I was having a boy and figured the test must be wrong. But the ultrasound clearly confirmed you were right! We had so much fun taking the test!
Bree LaBrec

I took the test at 10 weeks and got a boy result right away which was not a big surprise since I was expecting to have a boy based on other factors. When I went in for a quickie ultrasound to take a peek at the baby at 16 weeks my Dr. told us that if her were a betting man he'd bet it was a girl! I was very excited since I already have a boy, I didn't care that the test told me something different besides this is pretty new technology, right? Anyways, a week later I went in for my "official" ultrasound and got a clear shot of a boy! So what do you know, this test is more reliable than my Dr. :) Thanks Intelligender! 
Angela Nacinovich

I have had three girls and took your test a 11weeks and it said boy my doctor said it was going to be girl cause of the heart beat I had my sono today and your test was right I am having my first son. Thank you so much for your test.
Amanda Kelly

I just wanted to say thank you! This test is amazing!!! I took the Intelligender when I was 10 weeks pregnant. It said I was having a boy. 3 weeks later I had an ultrasound at my Doctor's office and it was very obvious that we are indeed having a boy!!! Thank you again! This was so fun!
Heather Thomas

I just wanted to write and say that Intelligender is absolutely correct. I took the test at 13 weeks and it said we were having a girl. Today I had a 20 week level 2 sonogram and it confirmed that we are in fact having a girl. I will defintely recommend it to people I know.
Thank you,
Lisa Becker

Hi there, I just wanted to share my experience with your product. I took the test at 13 weeks pregnant and was over the moon to discover that the test stayed orange that meant we were having a girl after three boys. At the 20 week scan however we were told we were having another boy, oh well.. We enjoyed having a try at the test as it gave me seven weeks of thinking I was having a girl at least. I would definitely recommend anyone trying the test as it was great fun. 
Rebecca Bateman

Hi, I just wanted you to know I'm one of the small percentage that didn't get a correct prediction. I took the test when I was about six months pregnant and it predicted a boy - which I agreed with since it was my second child and my first was a girl. Everything seemed so different it had to be a boy! However, my second daughter came along just as the chinese calendar predicted. Needless to say, I would have liked for your product to be closer to 100% but I don't think it's lack of accuracy this round will deter me from trying again next time - just for curiosity sake! It's a fun test and one that is totally safe since it's not invasive (I won't do ultrasounds, etc.). I wish I had a better testimonial but I thought you should know either way.
Devra Waterman

Hey...I just wanted to let you know thats is a girl. Your test was so right...I even took it at 6 weeks. I was a little sceptical, but the u/s last week confirmed it....thanks so much. 
Erica Smith

I just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know about my experience with Intelligender. I originally ordered 2 tests. I took the first at 14 weeks and it said girl. I took the 2nd at 15 weeks and it said boy. I emailed you and you sent out another test last week. I took it and it said girl again. We were really confused because we did a blood dna test and it told us a boy at 15 weeks, so we thought we were having a boy. We went for our 18 week ultrasound today and sure enough we are having a baby GIRL! 2 out of 3 of the tests were right. The boy result I think I messed up and tested only 24 hours after sex and I read that can give a false boy result if it's not 48 hours. I just wanted to let you know about my experience and accurate results! Thank you, Janna and baby Cailey!
Janna Craft

Hello ~~ just wanted to let you know the results of my intelligender test. Took your test at 14 weeks after having to wait a long 48 hours after its arrival because of unprotected sex! The results came back girl right away. Well I am now 20 weeks and my sono has reveiled that indeed we are having a little girl! We were able to get a very clear picture and after two boys there is no doubt about what is missing! Thank you for allowing us a peek into the future so early! It was a lot of fun!
Jennifer V.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I love this test. It was so much fun. My husband and I waited until 10 weeks to take it (I bought two) and both came back that we were having a boy. My husband was so excited that he didn't need confirmation, in his head. Well at 16 weeks we were confirmed that it is a little guy. We already have our girl so we are very excited. I have many other pregnant friends and they are all excited for their test to come in the mail. Thanks for a bit of joy during my icky first trimester.
Brittany Harvey

Well, the clouds parted and the universe has been thrown off kilter!!! Your test was right!! I am having a baby girl!!! Every time I say that I cry. Out of 10 grandchildren, this will be the second girl, first of five in my immediate family. Thank you for having your product available. It helped me "prepare" for the result, as I secretly had my hopes up for this little micracle girl. Thanks again. I will tell all my friends about your product.

Hello, We purchased a test when I was 10 weeks. It came out 'girl' but husband thinks he didn't swirl it enough and get all the crystals to the bottom first. We purchased 2 more tests (he's a scientist, says all tests should be done in 3's). The next 2 tests we made sure to do properly and they both came out 'boy' (this was around 12 weeks). This was just confirmed by ultrasound (18 weeks) that it's boy. Amnio results will be back soon for added confirmation, but I'm comfortable with the ultrasound results. :) This was good fun! 
Thank you! 
Gina Chapman

I was a little skeptical about the test and went back three times until I had my husband buy it for me on Mother's Day. I did the test the morning of Mother's Day and the test results showed that we were having a boy right away. We already have two beautiful girls and were hoping for a boy because it is our last. We just had our ultrasound yesterday and right away the ultrasound technician spotted that it was a boy! The test was a lot of fun to do and it was accurate. I am going to tell all my pregnant friends about it!
Thank you! 
Amy Zemberi

Well i must say at first i didnt think this product would actually work. i was 7 weeks pregnant, which i am currently now 38 weeks and 6 days. i took the test at 8 weeks and it said a boy. i was not fully sure and when i was told at 19 weeks i was having a girl, i was like oh i just wasted my time. at 32 weeks i had a massive scare where i started bleeding heavily. it seemed like the baby wasnt in distress but the hospital lost the ultrasound information, everything so they recommended doing a fateal assessment. after all that time thinking it was a girl, i was shocked to find out that in fact i was having another little boy. my jaw dropped to the floor. this product is amazing. at only 7 weeks pregnant which they changed my due date, so 6 weeks, 6 WEEKS, pregnant, i actually knew that i was going to be having a baby boy. this product was right and the judgment of the doctor was wrong. this is amazing and i reccommend anyone to try it. i just thought i would write to you while i thought of it to let you guys know my feedback

I sold an Intelligender to a lady back in Oct. Her result came back GIRL. At her sono a month or so later, the doctor said BOY. I got a crazy email from her today, and they had a baby GIRL just last week! After preparing the nursery in blues & greens and lots of little blue onesies she will now be returning everything quickly for loads of pink! Intelligender was RIGHT & the doctor was WRONG! Bet this doesn't happen often!
Sales are great! I thought I would just share this story with you.
Valerie King

I took the test first thing in the morning at 18 weeks. It said I was having a boy. Three days later I had my Ultrasound and it said I was having a girl. We were happy either way. Although it didn't work for me it was fun doing the test. :) thanks
Jess Dunkin

Thank you, Intelligender! I took 2 tests - one at 6 weeks ( I know I know...but couldn't wait:) - it showed a girl. Then I took another one at 10 weeks-again it showed a girl. Yesterday I had a scan and it is indeed a girl!! My husband and I are so happy, we have a boy already , now we will have a little girl! I will definately recommend it to my pregnant girlfriends! 
Iraida Carpin

I just wanted to say thanks for making such an amazing product! I took the test at 13 weeks and it said boy. We just had our ultrasound at 17 weeks and it confirmed the results, BOY! I'm telling everyone I know that is pregnant about Intelligender so that they can get an early peak at what is to come!
Jessica Risse

I had my ultrasound today at 18 weeks and am happy to tell you Intelligender was right, we are having a baby girl!

I bought my intelligender at 11 weeks, and it turned really orange,then at 15 weeks my doctor told me it looks like a boy, so i was kind of upset, then on 17 weeks on the anatomy US, the doctor confirms it was a healthy baby girl!! Thanx y will recommended your product to all my friends, cause it really works.
Adriana Gomez

We just wanted to say how accurate your test was. As soon as we found out we were pregnant, we wanted to know the sex of the baby!!! I saw your ad online and just had to buy the test---OK, so I actually bought two!!! I took one at 12 weeks and at 2 minutes, the color was so smokey green that it was almost black. But, we did wait the full 10 minutes, and still smokey green!! We were soooo excited to be having a baby boy!!! I took the second test at 15 weeks---and still---smokey green. I just had my ultrasound at 16 1/2 weeks and guess what---It's A Boy!!!! We are so pleased with your product that we have already recommended it to several of our friends that are pregnant. Regardless of the results, we had loads of fun just taking the test and waiting for the color to turn green or orange!!! We highly recommend your product to anyone. 
Thanks again, 
Sheila and Jeff, Louisiana

My name is Brandi Shelton, I recently purchased two of your test which both said little boy right away.....My husband and I followed each step as it said so, each test being done several weeks apart. Well, we went for our 18 week ultrasound and no little boy!!!!! We were told that we are having a little girl (princess). 
Still had fun doing the test though.
Brandi and Chad Shelton Belmont, NC

Hello, My name is Lia Gordon and I wrote to you last month letting you know that the results of my intelligender test said boy.  Well, I had an ultrasound on Friday which was January 18 and we found out what we are having.  IT'S A BOY!!!  After having two little girls, we are extremely excited.  I must say though, opening the diaper of a little boy is going to be quite a shock!  Thank you so much for this wonderful test!  I am letting all of my friends know about it.  I also have a web page on I-am-pregnant.com and I have been telling all of my preggo mommy friends on there about your test and how mine turned out right.  You have no idea how many women are excited about this test and are wanting to try it.  You can count on me to be an Intelligender Lifer!  
Thanks again! Most Sincerely, 
The Gordon Family...and soon to be born Dominic Andrew Gordon!

I just wanted to tell you that I took your test and it was correct. I am an L&D nurse and was a bit skeptical and felt silly doing it, but then thought why not. I have 2 kids one girl and one boy. My husband thought for sure it was a boy, I thought it was a girl. We actually were both hoping it was a girl.  I took the test at 10 weeks and it said GIRL! I tried not to get too excited, but figured I was the correct of the two of us. Sure enough, just had my ultrasound and it is a girl. I am really impressed. I laugh because one of our physicians offers a test at 8 weeks that costs $250 and I found out for so much less. I  will tell friends to try it for fun. 
Thanks for being so inventive. 
Paige Houston, TX

Dear Intelligender, It is with great pleasure that I inform you that after all of my complaints about your product, I now owe you a true apology. Your test clearly showed "Girl". We had an early Ultrasound at 15 weeks, and this ultrasound clearly looked like a boy. The tech gave us an 85% accuracy. I was a little shocked as I truely believed in your test. I went BACK in for my anatomy ultrasound, and it clearly revealed we are having a GIRL (a healthy girl, most importantly)! We are thrilled with this news, as I already have two adorable boys. Your test was very much accurate and I have switched back to a true believer in your product. I apologive for the crazy confusion. Please be sure to change my false result to a positive!!!. Way to go Intelligender! Your happy client, Lee Ellen
I took the Intelligender test at 11 weeks, & it resulted immediately in boy result!!! I had my ultrasound done at 17 weeks & of course it also showed that we are expecting a little boy!!! We already have a little princess & now our prince is on the way!!! We were so thrilled with Intelligender's accuracy, my maternal instinct said a boy from the beginning & Intelligender confirmed it!
Thanks so much!
Joanne & Jeremy Grivette

I was so excited to learn that there is a product out there that can tell the gender early and without huge expense. Even though I was a little bit skeptical, I live in New Brunswick and they won't do sonograms for gender, so I bought your test. It said girl which I was thrilled about but a little afraid to take to much stock in. Well, my husband finally took me outside of the area to get a 3D sonogram as a gift and guess what?? It's a girl! We are so excited and we will be using your test on our next baby!

I saw the ad in a Pregnancy magazine in my dr's office while i was waiting to find out if i was truly pregnant, I was!! So i was only 3 weeks pregnant, ordered 2 of your tests and waited until i was 10 weeks (8 weeks gestation) and the first test came back greenish/blueish(boy) i told my husband and he was soooo excited but i told him dont get too excited you never know it may be wrong, so i waited 3 weeks and took the test again when i was 13 weeks (11 weeks gestation) and it came back with the same results as the first one!!! i was still reluctant to accept that it was a boy, well on August 2nd our ultrasound indeed showed us we are having a baby BOY!!!!!!! Me and my husband are sooo excited, we both have girls from previous relationships. Thank you soooo much for your wonderful test!!! My sister is 13 weeks pregnant and she ordered a test on Wednesday August 15th we cant wait to find out what she is having. 
Thank You again!!
Brandee Weidenburner, Medical Bill Specialist

Well.....It worked!! We had a 14 week ultrasound yesterday and it's a boy! I know most times they can't tell this soon, but we had a great shot three different times and they are very sure. I'm still in shock, I thought it was a girl this whole time. I was really sick with this baby and not my other two boys. We thought for sure it was a girl, but much to our surprise you guys and the ultrasound both showed BOY! 
Thanks Again! - 

Hi there- I bought your test when I was 16 weeks pregnant. I had an ultrasound scheduled for 18 weeks, but I was soooo anxious to find out what this baby was, that I got your test. I followed all the directions and when I looked at the test the first time, it looked green. Then I realized that I was looking down at it and the directions said “at eye level”. So…I got down to eye level and it was ORANGE!! I was excited, but a bit confused since it looked one color standing up and one at eye level. We went for our ultrasound last Friday and it is a GIRL!!! We are overjoyed. She has 3 big brothers that are waiting her arrival and we are so thrilled she is on her way. 
Your test ROCKS! I will tell everyone I know that is expecting to give it a try. It’s a fun and affordable way to find out the gender of your baby!
Wendy Sullivan

I emailed you a few weeks ago about my Intelligender test. My test was dark green at the 5 minute mark but by 7-8 minutes turned orange and when swirled would turn green but then go back orange. We have 3 boys and desperately wanted a girl to be named after my grandfather who passed away last year. Well, I’m thrilled to report that your test was correct. We had our ultrasound today and we are indeed having a GIRL!!!!! 
Thank you so much for your test and kind emails.
Tracy Graefser

Hi, Just thought I would let you know that I took your test around 10 weeks and the result said it was a boy. I mean that thing turned immediately the greenish color for a boy. I was not surprised it said a boy as there have been only boys born in the last 4 generations on my husbands side of the family. I am now 19 plus weeks and just had a sonogram to tell us the gender. Guess what.... hmm NOT a boy! I was so surprised. We are actually having a girl and we are thrilled. Just goes to show that no matter how many tests you take or the precentage of accuracy.. God may have something else in mind. We are so blessed. My thoughts..... buy the test.... have some fun, but don't put all your eggs in one basket! I mean, life's suprises are just that...a surprise!

After having two girls, I turned to a website that virtually guaranteed a boy if I followed their instructions and timing. I also had several friends that had said this website was accurate. I paid $50 and followed the instructions. I was certain I was having a boy. As soon as I learned that I was indeed pregnant, I purchased your product "Intelligender - GPT". The result said girl. I was convinced that it could not be correct but low and behold, we had another girl! We are actually elated to have another girl- she is so sweet and such a blessing. I guess God knew what he was doing blessing us with Emily.
Erica, Colorado

We just wanted to thank you and your staff for our wonderful experience. I have taken 3 intelligender tests and all three (even the one that I took too early) said boy, but after having had three girls I couldn’t help but be a little scared of getting my hopes up of having a boy.. Well we had our 19 week ultrasound and YOUR TEST has been confirmed… We are in fact having a boy!!!! Thank you so very much and I have of course told ALL my ttc friends about you and your wonderful product!!! 
Kristin and Chad Krumwiede :)

My friend Cheryl and I both found out that we were pregnant at the same time. I wanted a girl and she wanted a boy. We purchased two Intelligender tests and had a Gender Predicting party. The tests indicated that I was having another boy and she was having another girl. 
They were both right :( 
Sheridan, Florida

We ordered your product in disbelief and tried it anyway. We got the same results from an ultrasound one month later. We will refer your product to everyone expecting we know.
Thank You - Paul & Terry Gilbert

As the mother of three boys, when I found out I was pregnant (surprise!), the first thing I wanted to do was to figure out if I could possibly be having a girl. I was so excited to learn that there was actually a test that I could take and wouldn't have to wait for a sonogram. I did your GPT at 8 weeks and it said girl. I wanted to be sure so I did it again at 10 weeks. Again it said girl. Even after the sonogram confirmed that I was having a girl, I had to go and do ANOTHER GPT just to make certain. All tests (including the sonogram) were right! We finally got our little girl! 
Thanks for keeping the suspense from killing me!
Kristina, California

I was seeing if you would like to use this as a testimonial? 
I just wanted to say how happy I am to let you know that your test worked for me!!! After 3 girls we are finally going to have a boy. I used your test after 11weeks along and it came up a dark green. We had our u/s last week on Valentines Day and it is for sure a Boy. No mistaking that. 
Thank you so much for a great product! 
Shannon J., MI

I wanted to let you know the results of our 18week sono and guess what, the Intelligender was right, ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!! Just as your test predicted. We are so impressed with the your test and have told everybody about it. If you need any sort of testimonial regarding the test, I would be happy to give my input, Let me know. Thanks for all your kindness in doing the test for us, you went above and beyond to accommodate us and we really appreciated it tons. If you are still needing test patients, I have a girl friend who is 11wks and would love to do the test, if not are they still sold out? 
S.McKay, Dallas, TX

“I am a mom of 2 boys and currently pregnant with my third. I was eager to find out if I was having a girl or a boy this time. I used intelligender and it gave me a girl reading. I am happy to say that it was confirmed by ultrasound and it is a girl!" 

I got the Intelligender months back as a gift and took it with a positive, fast, very dark green boy result. The u/s at 20 weeks showed "for sure" that we were having our 4th daughter. Today at 30 weeks I had another u/s done to try to get another good look at baby. AND.....looks like we are having a baby boy after all! I am thrilled and looks like the Intelligender got it right! I had written you after our "girl ultrasound" and said that it was all wrong. LOL 

Jessica Clarke

While it was fun to “find out” what I was having, it was unfortunately wrong. I did follow the directions to a T, as I am a stickler for attention to detail. It said “girl,” I am indeed having a son. It was fun though. Thanks

Mary Edrington